Who We Are

Providing access to the most up to date evidence based solutions, products and practices, which support clients in making and maintaining positive lifestyle changes that reduce the effect and eliminate the risk of lifestyle related health disorders.

HealthReach is an emerging leader in the field of preventive and aftercare personal health solutions and maintenance. Our mission is to strive to provide innovative and cost-effective health promotional solutions empowering and enabling people to live healthier lives. Through imparting the latest scientifically researched material in an easy to understand way, we enable people to make lasting lifestyle changes which enrich the overall quality of their health. Our health promotional plans provide the necessary information and interventions to empower people to make changes that are sustainable and deliver measurable results.

The success of our health promotional courses are found in the simplicity and personalisation of our approach. Embracing technological advancements in personal health screening and monitoring, matched with advancements in food science, we have built complimentary educational and instruction based plans that deliver positive sustainable physical and biological change.

We are committed to providing our clients with services and products that deliver measureable results at realistic costs.

Many practicing health professionals may not have the available time to provide an intervention to a condition and this is where HealthReach can provide cost effective solutions to our clients.